I can work from a picture or drawings that you provide,  from any existing  piece that you may have, or create a new design and piece just for
you. Some pieces on this page may be readily available and for sale as noted. If you should see an item that you like on this page please feel
free to contact me for more information.
This Oak Entertainment Center with a Red Oak finish was designed for a 27" TV. It has a
adjustable shelf for Audio equipment  and game consoles. The slide out Media storage  offers
easy access to VHS Tapes, DVD's,Cd's.
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Finished in Early American this
Entertainment Center was designed for
a 47" wide screen TV. The TV console is
on rollers for easy access to connections
and outlets, and has glass enclosed
storage below for audio equipment. The
two slide out media drawers hold up to
120 DVD's each. With ample room for
storage this unit measures 82" tall x
104" wide and is 21" deep, it is built as
four separate units and assembled on
together on site as one.
A Oak Entertainment Center with an Early American finish, designed
for use in smaller rooms or a bedroom. It hold a 20" TV and can hold
your audio equipment  and game console behind glass or your favorite
collectibles as it is being used in this picture. Media storage is below TV.

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An Entertainment Center designed like a old country armoire. It is made of pine and finished with Early American and can
hold a 27" TV has shown in this picture or it could be designed to hold larger TV minus the shelves to the side. A beautiful
piece that could be used in many settings.
Oak Entertainment Center
Wide Screen TV.
This Chest of Drawers has a area for a
27" TV and is made of solid Oak,
finished in English Chestnut. It is built in
two pieces, each piece on casters to make
it easy to get into place and then bolted
together to become a single unit.
A rustic Pine Entertainment
Center with shelving below with a
natural finish.
This Chest of Drawers and Entertainment
Center combo is made of solid Ash and
will hold a 47" wide screen TV. It was
built in two pieces with casters on the base
Wide Screen TV Console
This piece is built of solid Ash the two
doors with frosted glass slide open to
reveal DVD player and other electronics
that can be operated while doors are
closed. Behind the doors are also drawers
that will hold over 400 DVDs.  
This solid Ash dresser and hutch is
designed to hold a wide screen TV, and is
finished in English Chestnut.